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Live and breathe each present moment without the pollutants of painful memories from the past, or fearful musings on the future, as these are the greatest obstacles to expressing our authentically loving and creative selves.

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Love and cherish your friends and revel in the healthy joy of listening with an open heart to their words of wisdom and advice to you.

Nevertheless, just remember that your own heart’s voice is what will tell you the truth about your life and if you make a habit of consulting it first and foremost through meditation and prayer,ways of enriching your days and of making your experiences more fulfilling will be revealed.

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Allow everyone around you to be the very best of their true selves and even with the highest of intentions, do not try to mould them into something they cannot ever manage to be. It is a futile and dangerous mission to waste your energy in this pursuit, as it devastates lives and keeps all involved trapped in a version of reality that is neither authentic nor healthy for either party.

Allow your heart to guide you to love and encourage your friends and family for their best qualities to shine, without ever making them feel less than they truly are, just because they are different to you in some way.

Pour your energy into nurturing your own life, as not only will you be a good example to your loved ones, you will also enjoy more harmony in your relationships with a greater variety of individuals.

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All of us can choose to enjoy real freedom, regardless of our circumstances, as creating a new life or a new version of ourselves does not necessarily require one big or dramatic step into the unknown.

We are simply limiting ourselves by consenting to the dissatisfaction that can arise from keeping our worlds confined to what we know, rather than being more open and willing to veer off the familiar path of our tried and tested habits and attitudes.

Many of us feel unfulfilled because we have stifled our desires to be individuals who can still continue to grow and develop in some way throughout our lives, regardless of age and circumstances.

Every action, no matter how small or apparently insignificant, which is taken with ease and a clear-sighted vision of how you are changing your life, will always bring about transformation in a very gentle and manageable way.

We do not always need to force ourselves to face tough challenges to make progress, as by keeping a calm and measured pace in our preferred direction, our hearts will surely encourage us brightly along our way.

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Let us show grace for our lives by our loving awareness of all of the health and abundance we enjoy and can delight in sharing.

Let us savour with respectful abandon the beauty of everything our Earth’s plentiful nature continually bestows on us.

Let us be clear that we are worthy of the pleasures of the world.

Let us know that our souls relish our enthusiastic participation in every delectation this world has to offer.

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Never tire of exuding love and kindness from your being, even and especially when you do not see it being returned and life does not seem any brighter.

Be present in the world with the strength and compassion that comes from trusting in your own deep ability to love, as this will be the key to creating a peaceful and healthy life, undisturbed by outside events and the reactions of those around you.

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We are connected to our lives by the bright filaments of hope and inspiration that keep us alert and infused with healthy creativity and joyful planning.

Unawareness of how bound all of us are to our deepest wishes and desires is expressed through an unkind word or thoughtless gesture or comment to another that can so easily sever these cords of light from the purity of our hearts.

All of us feel the pull of a dearly held ambition, so if you are privileged enough to glimpse the guiding star of another, do not judge, but be gentle in your counsel and warm in your encouragement.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

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