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Shift the balance of your inner world towards the encouragement of self-love.

Show more fairness to your soul, rather than habitually pandering to your ego, by listing all the numerous good reasons to cherish yourself.

The frequent acknowledgment of your worth will allow your soul’s hope, joy and health to imbue all aspects of your life.

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Look out for the people around you and make caring for their welfare a normal part of your daily life.

Any gestures or words from the heart will never seem insincere when your natural self is so freely expressed.

Helpfulness is always a pleasant surprise that brightens the life of others, leaving them feeling happy and glad to have been in your company.

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The deep hurt experienced as hatred towards another person is born of the fear that your loving intentions and kindness were not received and that your true brightness was spurned.

There is nothing you can do to change any pain from the past, but you can allow the Light to enter and heal your wounds by blessing each person who has harmed you through the deep and unwavering love you hold in your heart for all life.

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Trust that the actions in life that inspire you the most and yet can still make you feel so fearful of failure, come from a place of true love and Light.

Rest assured that there will always be brightness within everything you undertake when you are aligned to your truest power which is love.

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Know your body by appreciating how well its uniqueness accommodates your spirit.

Make your own mind up as to what serves your physical needs best of all by choosing the healthiest lifestyle, based on the happiness it gives your body and soul.

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Holiness does not come from conforming to any particular religious doctrine, but from being the highest, purest and brightest expression of yourself, whatever the occasion and whoever is in your company.

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Honour the sanctity of your relationships and the beauty of your own spirit by using only the most encouraging words to the people around you.

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Keep your heart’s energy strong and healthy by using its joyful vibration to help you choose the kindest response to everyone you deal with.

You will soon notice how much easier it is to appreciate all the people you encounter, thanks to your increased awareness of the beautiful souls they truly are.

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There are many ways of becoming healthy, but there is only one way of healing the pain you carry in your heart, which is by allowing the light of life to penetrate the heaviness encircling the centre of your being.

Let it awaken your awareness of any resistance you hold to becoming more open to the joy of the world around you and then happily embrace your newly released feelings of love for life.

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Improve your chances of experiencing joy and prosperity by carefully choosing your thoughts and by the correction of any patterns in your attitude and behaviour which you know are harmful.

Ultimately, it is your awareness of, and control over, everything in your inner self which has the strongest impact, not only on the reaction of the world around you, but also on your health.

By keeping your focus and intent clear and loving, your whole being will shift to brightness and you will discover that the key to attracting the best opportunities for your life is already firmly in your grasp.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013 – 2014.

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