You create an opening for the bad of the world to enslave your thoughts and keep your expectations low, wherever you have little faith in the lovingly healthy ways of your heart.

You were never meant to jump to the beat of the lowest frequencies, clammering loudly for your attention and leaving nothing but the dull ache of longing for things that your heart knows you do not need.

Do not let your life slip away, abandoning your control to whatever words and images are constantly at large wherever you go, look or listen, as whatever you are being urged to do, will never be enough for your best health, let alone for you to feel loved in the home of your dreams.

You know, oh so well, that the latest gadget will always wane and all that frenzied focus can never truly gladden your heart.

Your life is worth more than a few expensive toys in a sea of make-believe and fantasy, so let your days be brightened by the richness of your own original, loving spark and the naturally abundant joy of your soul.

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