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Heal any anger that keeps you trapped by your ego’s powerful taunts by forgiving all pain and hurt dragging you back to the past.

Let this forceful emotion be transformed to take on the bright hues of love, releasing your energy to create the healthiest and happiest outcomes in your life.

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The language of fear and of anger is borne of the unhealthy notion that you are helpless and somehow incapable of being happily at ease with your life.

Abandon such folly and simply turn to your heart’s joyful wisdom to find the strength to become your own truest salvation.

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Remember that nothing good ever comes from anger and resentment.

Determine the quality of your future by ignoring any minor irritations and focus only on how you can make your own life better and healthier.

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Anger is just frustration that the true beauty of your being has been ignored or unacknowledged.

By showing only loving kindness to the world, the painful mask of anger will gradually slip away.

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It is completely futile to burn ourselves out with anger because of the way life sometimes plays out, or because of the unkind words or thoughtless actions of another.

We need to stop and be mindful that everyone lives in their own world that often revolves around the kind of fear and struggle that cause enough pain to overshadow the beauty of our hearts and can crush our natural willingness to be open, loving and welcoming to everyone around us.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

Following on from the theme of yesterday’s post, I’m being told that we must try to be on our best behaviour at all times, regardless of the frustration or annoyance experienced as a result of the words or actions of another, so that the guilt and regret that come from knowing you have wronged or hurt someone through anger or revenge will not cast a shadow over your present or future.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

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