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If you seek deeper understanding about your many experiences in this world, you must turn your attention in full to the healing impulse and will of your heart to reveal the truth of your unique contribution and areas of greatest learning in life.

The most precious gift of such awareness is your trust and belief that through the challenges you do not resist, your blessing will be great.

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The healing of every fear is the blessing your soul bestows on you as you become fully enthralled by its loving wisdom.

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Soothe the disquiet of your mind and revive the joy for the miracle that is you by bringing your most grateful heart to everything you do and to everything you have.

Now notice just how easily the brightness of your true spirit adds smiles in abundance to bless your life.

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Many days lie ahead to unfold their beautiful lessons, the miracle of which is appreciated by the love of your heart for the gift of learning and discovery. 

Your divine soul has chosen for you to live this life through the unique identity of your spirit, so waste not a moment in giving thanks for the wonderful blessings of every experience you encounter on the way.

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The greatest blessing in life is the loving and heartfelt connection between you and your truest friends, as their encouraging words and kind support create a contagious brightness of energy and purpose around you, so obvious to all you meet.

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Your greatest feelings and expressions of appreciation come from the divine power within your soul.

All thoughts of love, peace and wonderment of the world are part of the beautiful machinery of the creative force behind all life.

Simply allow the magic of this sacred reality to take your full and undivided attention and shower your life with blessings.

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To receive blessings, keep your outlook positive and your hopes high.

You will carry out your tasks with more brightness and energy when you allow cheer and optimism to be your natural way of being.

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The deep hurt experienced as hatred towards another person is born of the fear that your loving intentions and kindness were not received and that your true brightness was spurned.

There is nothing you can do to change any pain from the past, but you can allow the Light to enter and heal your wounds by blessing each person who has harmed you through the deep and unwavering love you hold in your heart for all life.

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There are great blessings to be discovered in the words and gestures of those who are unexpectedly open to your needs, because the power of the Divine is always at work, guiding us to interact lovingly with our environment and with everyone we encounter.

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Know and trust that you are worthy of receiving many blessings in your life.

Wonderful achievements are within your grasp if your belief in yourself is unwavering and your resolution to be the very best and the very healthiest version of yourself is your daily goal.

Such a mindset will shine from every pore of your being, drawing people towards you and inspiring them, in however small a way, to aspire to a greater and more abundant reality.

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