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When you feel healthy and see the wonder in the world around you, you are living from the loving breath of your heart.

You become strength itself, like the bridge connecting all of your actions to your soul’s will, as you create the life you desire with the ease of your truest nature, divinely inspired and powerfully manifested on Earth.

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Heal any anger that keeps you trapped by your ego’s powerful taunts by forgiving all pain and hurt dragging you back to the past.

Let this forceful emotion be transformed to take on the bright hues of love, releasing your energy to create the healthiest and happiest outcomes in your life.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013 – 2014

The joy of life is inherent in the world and thus your perspective is hardwired to admire the beauty of everything around you, as you are joyful expression itself which loves its own creation.

Any alteration in your natural stance causes suffering, which only you can heal by choosing to see through the eyes of your innately loving and open heart.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013 – 2014.

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