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Worrying about problems that might never happen, will diminish your own creative power over the outcome of your life, so choose a healthier script for peaceful living by directing your mind’s eye to focus on bright scenarios for your life.

Be adventurous and always keep your hopes and expectations high.

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Make the time each day to be still enough to quieten your mind to encourage the best perspective as you face life’s trials.
These moments of calm reflection will bring peace to whatever problems you are experiencing by opening up your awareness to your inner strength and resourcefulness.
Therein lies the secret to a very empowered, inspired and carefree life.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

Keep everything you hold dear and which underlies your sincerest intent to the forefront of your mind.

By aligning its powerful energy day by day to every word and action you take, you will be consciously creating the life your heart wants you to lead.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

Put sincerity and loving energy into your words and actions to inspire the confidence and trust of friends, family and colleagues.

In this way, the beauty and power of your spirit’s purest expression will enhance your confidence and keep your mind and body vibrant and youthful.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

Remember that wherever your focus is fully placed, the course of your life will follow.

Remember that you are free to choose the inspiration for every thought that crosses your mind.

May your thoughts be guided by both beauty and your heart’s desire, so that you use your energy and vitality to focus on every aspect of life that empowers and strengthens your being.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

Always remain immersed in and enthused by the sparkling light of each new beginning and allow your every thought, word and action to radiate its joyful hope for the journey ahead.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

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