We deny our splendour by keeping our hopes hidden and secret and become oblivious to the death of our truth with every step we take towards the falsified version of ourselves.

The notion that the weakness of vulnerability is felt more keenly than its strength leads to many hopes being written on sandy shores, so easily washed away by the crashing waves of fear. Left with nothing, it is natural to turn our gaze to others to fill the void of the missing self.

For some, admiration is the only prize worth grasping, with the loss of any integrity or genuine self-love sacrificed entirely, all to revel in the wealth and power of just one moment of glory before a fleeting generation.

But by forsaking the health that comes with cherishing your pure and heartfelt wishes, you punch a gaping hole in your light-filled being and cast aside your own unique, divinely inspired plan for a beautiful existence in this world.

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