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The true guardians of the Earth and the brightest stars amongst all people see far beyond the limited boundaries of their own lives and work quietly to heal the suffering of their communities and keep them joined by love.

Beware of placing too many expectations on those who hold high positions of authority, because try as they might, they are not able to be sincere or fair, trapped as they are in the grind of a machine of tired and empty words, offering little hope to the individual dreaming of a promising life, joyfully led.

Look instead to your friends for inspiration, as they are your healthiest allies, the breath of light and antidote to the darkness falling on the shoulders of those who rule.

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Fear is just the negative face we have created to justify our separate and individual concerns.

We need to accept our uniqueness, but at the same time, fly free from the cage of mistrust we have built in order to understand our full connection to the world around us which is, without exception, entirely loving at its core.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

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