We need to pay more heed to the voice of the heart as it is the true and all-knowing essence of ourselves that makes itself heard through the hunches and random thoughts that cross our minds and somehow enter our awareness without warning. 

This gentle inner voice alerts us to new chances to grab, offering to lead us to what can be the most helpful, joyful and often the most unexpected outcomes. If we can spend a little time each day to reflect on each flash of inspiration we receive, we will begin to know the truth behind it and by recognising the extent of its value to our lives, we will see the fun of keeping ourselves more open to the world around us.

By depending on our innate and unique knowing of what is going to be right for us as individuals and by trusting that its guidance will help us to unravel the knots of worry and anxiety we frequently experience when searching for the best way forward, we will feel calmer and become flexible enough to view our lives as an adventure, rather than as another series of chores or challenges to endure. 

By pondering on the meaning and potential of every little spark of insight and by choosing to use its wisdom to our advantage, we will feel more powerful and more in control of our lives, safe in the knowledge that every choice we make has been made from the most loving stance and with the best intentions for all concerned.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013