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The knots tied around the loving light of your heart are so very different to the thorny cares and concerns of your everyday life, but often seem no less easy to soften.

The worries of your heart are always for the abuse and disrespect shown to the beauty of the Earth and to the darkening of the magnificent parts each soul can play in this world. It cares little about the failings of influential others and would never look to them to support its will, as your heart holds the keys to the most original and purest wisdom to enhance the blueprint of your life and it seeks only to keep you in tune with its knowing and guidance.

Being the brightest version of yourself is all that your heart ever wants and nothing can stop you from living from the joyful integrity of your soul as long as your focus is not squandered on those who do not matter, or on the places where your soul in all its glory will not shine.

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Don’t be fooled into befriending any frame of mind that tells you repeatedly that your options are limited or stuck.

Turn your attention instead to your own best ally, the intuitive and knowing self, which gently creates a bright and inspirational link to your mind’s higher intelligence for happier and more contented ways of living to be yours.

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Let faith in the goodness of life take you firmly by the hand and touch the true knowing of your soul to cast aside all fear and keep the trouble of misunderstandings and petty concerns far from your mind.

Wonderful things are now coming your way…

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Many troubles await those who ignore their instincts by bowing to the pressures around them to please others.

Always remain true to yourself in all situations and never be afraid of what others say, as this way of being will not only protect your own life but also the well-being of family and friends.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013 – 2014.

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