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Here we are, exploring and playing with the wonderful possibilities of this physical life, but the undeniable dazzle of all material wealth will seem a small goal to chase on merely glimpsing the beauty and treasure of the world we hold within.

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Shed light on your life by keeping the voice of your heart strongly heard.

A few daily moments spent in quiet meditation will connect you to this joyful inspiration for your life.

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Loving your life is not the only way to honour your soul for its creative and invigorating energy.

You need to connect to its deepest core through prayer and meditation to become a true beacon of Light to the world around you.

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Make the time each day to be still enough to quieten your mind to encourage the best perspective as you face life’s trials.
These moments of calm reflection will bring peace to whatever problems you are experiencing by opening up your awareness to your inner strength and resourcefulness.
Therein lies the secret to a very empowered, inspired and carefree life.

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During moments of quiet contemplation and reflection, watch your heart project the brightest, healthiest and most positive vision of the world onto the screen of your mind.
Trust that through its Light-filtered lens, your heart’s wisdom is revealing the unique part you can choose to play in the creation of a better life for all.

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Most of our fears and worries stem from the unhealthy habits we develop from dwelling too often on negative memories, thoughts and imaginings about our past, present and future lives.

We can balance these fearful tendencies by accessing, through quiet reflection and focus, the knowledge in our hearts, which serves to encourage and remind us that each new day presents the choice to be content and at peace with ourselves and with the part we play in influencing the world around us.

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Love and cherish your friends and revel in the healthy joy of listening with an open heart to their words of wisdom and advice to you.

Nevertheless, just remember that your own heart’s voice is what will tell you the truth about your life and if you make a habit of consulting it first and foremost through meditation and prayer,ways of enriching your days and of making your experiences more fulfilling will be revealed.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

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