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To heal your fears, do not rest your main attention on anything negative or distressing.

Know that nothing in this world can ever harm you, if you direct your energy towards the holy and unwavering connection between your heart and the One Divine Love, so go forward taking courage from the strength of its embrace.

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The only way to shrug off guilt is to have a very clear idea about why you are feeling so bad in the first place, as a lot of the negativity we carry from this destructive emotion is based on what is often our own skewed perception of what actually happened. You need to detach yourself from the scenarios that have given rise to this feeling by acknowledging that you are now in a different place and have greater awareness of yourself and of what makes you tick and are therefore no longer the same person as before. Simply ask yourself if it is truly necessary to carry the pain of guilt that holds you so tightly in its grip. You know instinctively that it is futile. The next step is to view yourself and all involved in the situation that caused such suffering with love and compassion and know in your heart that residual guilt and regretfulness will only keep you from focusing on the good things you can achieve in the present and henceforth.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

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