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Your unconscious and deeply ingrained beliefs, as well as your outlook on life, will cast a huge and habitual influence over the way your relationships develop, and depending on your awareness of such, can ultimately add either colour and joy to your existence, or fear and loneliness.

If you observe how you feel when you are in another person’s company and attach great importance to seeking out positive experiences in your interactions, you can gradually change your attitude and be much more enriched by the diversity of life and of the people around you than those who choose their friends purely for their similarities and convenience.

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Allow everyone around you to be the very best of their true selves and even with the highest of intentions, do not try to mould them into something they cannot ever manage to be. It is a futile and dangerous mission to waste your energy in this pursuit, as it devastates lives and keeps all involved trapped in a version of reality that is neither authentic nor healthy for either party.

Allow your heart to guide you to love and encourage your friends and family for their best qualities to shine, without ever making them feel less than they truly are, just because they are different to you in some way.

Pour your energy into nurturing your own life, as not only will you be a good example to your loved ones, you will also enjoy more harmony in your relationships with a greater variety of individuals.

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Love cannot be bottled and sold. It is boundless and its energy creates warmth and healing wherever it is expressed. Show the loving aspects of yourself to everyone you meet without expectation of kindness in return, because it shows your appreciation of every soul. The happier and more confident you are about yourself, the greater the impact you will make on others to melt even the snowiest heart. The more of us who radiate love and kindness, the better the chances we’ll have of avoiding the frustration and feelings of rejection an icy reception leaves in its trail.

© Meliza Smith and thenewsageblog, 2013

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