A very different world is emerging from the wars that are being waged all over the planet, but there is just one common element to link them and it calls itself Fear.
Your precious Earth does not want to feel any more bloodshed seeping into her fields and rivers, blackening the light of the precious souls you are carrying.

Do not abandon those who lift the sword, leaving them to fall prey to the hatred in their hearts, as this is their pain and it sucks them back into the darkness of Fear. An open and loving heart will transcend every feeling of threat and every transgression; its miracle eases every tear-filled gaze ever so gently beyond its hurt and upwards to infinite freedom and hope for joyful life.

Your soul’s depth is measured by your ability to let go of every ounce of suffering and sense of restriction, as neither are worthy of you and keep you from floating in a sea of peace and harmony wherever you go and with whomever you sail through the world.

Take courage that the need to hide behind barriers and shields will no longer serve any purpose, as faith in the goodness of humanity will reign again.

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