Those who feel unloved and forgotten can so easily wander through their days searching for any cause to validate their existence and give them unity with others, whatever the tortured goal may be for gathering together the sad fragments of such shattered and impoverished souls.

All fierce propaganda is ruthless and has the power to stir up the deepest of passions, giving its willing victims, who value their worth so very little, a renewed energy, a blazing fire in their belly and in their cheeks as they bring their own tarnished hopes and dreams to the table of their new-found reason for being.

Never let your own clear vision for how your life should be, become clouded by the fury of others. Your own inner Light connects you to Love itself, keeping you strong to face your fears, but still gentle and loving to the world around you, protecting you from ever consciously harming or saddening the beautiful life force all of us share.

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